Building Healthy, Trust-based Teams: the Foundation for Scaling CX Success

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As a Customer Success and Experience Leader, you’re underestimating the power of a healthy, trust-based, effective team. You’re not alone, and we’re all doing it! Some would say: "happy employees make happy customers are stating the obvious" or "that topic is CS 101, why are we still talking about this?" Yet, this is exactly the point. We know it’s important, and yet I meet very, very few leaders who actually know what an effective, trust-based team looks like. They can describe a couple of key attributes, but few can articulate why those attributes indicate the team is effective. Even fewer can explain (outside of 1:1 meetings and team happy hours and professional development), how they build and foster an effective team in the long term, and fewer still, can confidently say or measure that their team is 100% effective.

And this is where my talk comes in. Using my 17+ years as an Elite Athlete and 2-time National Champion, coupled with my 15+ years of experience working in every environment from non-profit, to federal government, to startups (including 4+ years as a Customer Success executive), and marrying that with my experience as a trained Facilitator in the 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, I’m thrilled to share why trust-based teams matter and how to build a trust-based team yourself! What’s more, I’ll weave in personal experience stories of what effective and ineffective teams look like; how much time you should be spending working on building a trust-based team (you’re probably under-estimating the amount of time by the way); and practical ways you can start implementing these key techniques into your daily work. You won’t want to miss it, since even “the obvious” needs a plan for successful execution, and I can help you get there!

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Lauren Costella

Top 100 Customer Success Influencer and Evangelist, Change Agent, VP of CS at Goodtime

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